5 Ways To Improve Your Day

5 Ways To Improve Your Day

Our minds learn, so what are you teaching yours? And we're not talking about maths here! 

Your mind learns and it learns fast. It's thought that something done regularly over two months becomes a habit. I've known people to teach themselves to like olives by eating one per day over a period of time. If you're stuck in the same old patterns, you have to ask yourself, what have you taught yourself otherwise? If you're not feeding your mind what you want, then the habits of life - or something else, will.


5 ways to improve your day

1. Meditation
Or as we like to call it..time to process. Steal a few minutes from your busy schedule for you. It might sound obvious (and also impossible), but a simple few minutes of guided meditation for example can change your entire perspective on things. Coming back to training our minds, a guided mediation is the perfect way to redirect your thoughts to where you want them to be and will put you in control of your thoughts. It's so important to process your day rather than brush it aside, especially the things we don't want to think about as much.

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2. Be Present
Be conscious of what you are doing. Enjoy those first few sips of tea in the morning. Watch the leaves dance in the breeze. Spare a thought for the person who bought you the birthday earrings you're wearing. Redirect your worries about tomorrow in to thinking about the current moment - one step at a time. This all leads to gratitude and appreciation which encourages wellbeing, and it takes no extra time at all, just a different thought process.

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3. Make a List
If we have no plan, it's easy to feel scattered and overwhelmed. Thoughts don't know where to slot themselves. You'd be amazed at how much clearer your mind will feel by writing a list of your to-do's and checking them off one by one. That thing you've been worrying about not getting round to for ages? Allocate it to another day and your worries about it will fly away for today.



4. Have a Routine
Routine helps us to feel accomplished. It helps our mind to process the day appropriately. Especially in post-pandemic times when flexi time and working from home is common, some of us might be struggling to just feel normal. What can you put in place to help with that? Perhaps it's eating away from your desk, or an after-work walk.



5. Treat Yourself
Getting through every single day is a win! What can you look forward to? It could be a little afternoon snack each day, or it could be a regular hair/nail appointment. Life is about having things to look forward to, it gives us a reason to get up every day and contributes to our feelings of self love and wellbeing. 

Whether you try one or all of the above, I hope these pointers help you along a little on your journey.

And finally, remember that thoughts are merely a process. You get to choose which ones you believe.

Fran x

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