Barbie Pink - The Pink Effect!

Barbie Pink - The Pink Effect!

PINK! A colour many of us have had a love-hate relationship with (or should we say hate-love!). Growing up, pink felt like an obsessive phase for many of us - you wanted the bedroom, the inflatable chair, the Polly Pocket! Barbie pink was your absolute favourite colour. Then you hit early to mid teens and decide you cannot stand the colour and Barbie pink is dead to you. The stereotype became too much and the bedroom gets redecorated never to be seen again. 

Bring back any memories? 

Fast forward a few years and for some of us pink has become our new best friend again as we realise it's Summery flamboyance is just something we need in our lives. For others, the struggle continues on. Maybe we can convince you to try again with some news we discovered!

The Pink Effect!

You may have read our other blog post about Chromotherapy. Research psychologists have found that the colour pink, can trigger certain feelings. It's said that this colour inspires emotional calm. So Barbie knew what she was doing! Whether it's for you, or for the onlookers admiring your daily jewels, who doesn't need a bit of extra calm in their life?!

At Lezzeri we use the power of colour through jewellery to help us through each day. It's a sure-fire way that you can take control. You decide what you wear, YOU decide how to start your day.

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