sun rock and star gold vermeil dangle dropper multiway earring stud

Gold Jewellery

All of our gold items have a 925 sterling silver base. This is hypoallergenic and will not irritate sensitive skin (unlike brass).

Our gold items are plated with 18ct recycled gold. 

The majority of our jewellery is plated with 2.5 microns of gold. This is five times thicker than the average gold plated jewellery. It's an affordable way of achieving the luxury gold look that will last years with good care.

Occasionally we use thinner gold plating on our novelty/holiday pieces, this enables a much more appropriate price-point for an item which will receive much less wear than your everyday pieces.

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Gold Plated Jewellery Made To Last

Sterling Silver Jewellery

All of our silver items are 925 sterling silver.

This means they are 92.5% solid silver, mixed with other metals. This increases it's hardiness, as fine silver (99.9% solid silver) is very soft, too soft for jewellery.

Wherever possible we use recycled silver and we are working towards bringing more of this in to our collections.

Silver can naturally tarnish over time, please see our care guide on how to look after your treasures.

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Please read our care guide on how to best look after your jewellery.

Care Guide

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