We like to try and sparkle both inside and out at Lezzeri. We know how important mental health is, after all our company was born out of a need for better mental wellbeing. Looking good and feeling good can go hand in hand. We wanted to share our ethics and a few our favourite quotes to help you through your week.

Often, wellness and happiness have to be found and practiced. Start looking for what brings you serenity. Letting go of negativity and exiting a toxic environment is your biggest step towards healing. Understand that things which once served you well can stop and this means it's time for a change. Seeking professional help can show you an outside perspective and show you how to work with your struggles.

Know that healing takes time. We can't emphasise this enough. Give yourself a break, let yourself rest and reset. Trust that the changes you have made will start to show up for you. It's a bumpy ride, the sooner you learn to buckle up, the better. In other words, try to accept that there are down days, and that's ok, because there will be better days too.

You've got to show up to glow up! Believe in yourself and others will believe in you too. We love how colour and jewellery can make you feel more confident, radiant and ready for the day. Look as good as you feel, feel as good as you look.

Some of our favourite quotes