Colour Is Your Superpower - Chromotherapy

Colour Is Your Superpower - Chromotherapy

Did you ever notice how a blue sky makes you feel free, yellow makes you feel positive or pink can make you feel alert? Perhaps you hadn't realised this until reading it just now, because of it's subtle power. This magic is called Chromotherapy.

Colours inspire certain feelings and emotions without us even realising it! It is energising and inspiring. It's ALL around us, every moment, every day, subtly influencing how we feel, like a good friend who we never want to leave.

Colour is your superpower!
When worn, colour precedes us. Before we have had the chance to say anything, colour has left an impression for us. So how can we make colour powerful for ourselves personally? We can choose to wear particular colours, we can gift certain colours to our friends by way of colourful jewellery or flowers, we can style our homes with a certain palette in mind.

Did you ever wander why your favourite colour is just that?

Quite often we associate certain colours with seasons, objects or memories. For example, blue skies with happy sunny soirées with friends or family. This was the exact inspiration for our Azure jewellery collection which features beautiful blue murano glass beads which are handmade in Italy!

Colours to inspire wellbeing
When I created Lezzeri, colour was such an important part of setting the scene. I wanted to create a calm, warm and positive palette which is interlinked with my journey towards better mental wellbeing and my favourite method of escapism - being on holiday. I chose Tuscan rust for the packaging which is reminiscent of mine and my families travels to my grandmother's home country, Italy. I chose golden-green as a complementary feature, which stands for elegance and peace, and is prominent in nature.

Rust orange jewellery packaging inspired by italy

In my Crystal collection, I use an array of different colours (which keeps growing because they are all amazing!), but currently emerald green, pink and turquoise. Something for all moods!

I used to be scared of colour, but a few years ago I realised that it is my superpower! When we allow colour in to our lives and wardrobe, we are opening our minds up to be energised and inspired. If you're a little apprehensive, start with a small pair of coloured huggies to introduce a little colour. It will never be enough to clash with your outfit, but just enough to bring a smile.

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