• Caring for your jewellery well will ensure that it keeps it's
    sparkle for a long time. Check out our guide on how.

Maintaining Your Jewellery

Treat your jewellery like a prized possession. Here are our tips for keeping it lustrous!

1. Wipe gently with a polishing or microfibre cloth

2. Remove before bathing, showering,
swimming, exercising and the like.

3. Avoid contact with creams, lotions and chemicals 
(try to put jewellery on last, after the perfume spritz)!

4. Keep your jewellery away from extreme 
temperatures and sunlight. 

5. Put your jewellery back in its storage box after 
use and try to keep it away from other metals.

Silk is a natural and delicate material, it can stretch and absorb body oils. Take extra care not to shower or sleep in your silk jewellery. You can clean the silk cord with water, a subtle detergent and a soft cloth.

Murano Glass
Our glass beads are surprisingly sturdy, however they are prone to chip or crack if they receive heavy impact, are dropped on to a hard surface or are subjected to intense heat. Always pop them back in their storage box or pouch when you're not wearing them.

How To Clean Your Gold And Silver Jewellery

To clean your jewellery you will need the following items:

Bowl | Warm water | Mild detergent | Polishing cloth

1. In the bowl, mix a small amount of mild detergent or dish soap with warm water.

2. Let your jewellery soak for 10 minutes and check whether it has returned to it's sparkling self again. If not, repeat this step until the desired effect has been achieved.

3. Rinse the jewellery in clean water to wash away any residue or dirt.

4. Pat your jewellery dry with a soft tissue (do not rub) and then use a soft, non abrasive cloth to polish your jewellery and wipe away any residue.

*Please note, there are other methods of cleaning your jewellery, however Lezzeri cannot be held liable for any detrimental effects caused by these. The plating or protective coating on jewellery may be worn away by chemicals and abrasion.

Quality sterling silver and gold vermeil

All of our Lezzeri pieces are crafted with 925 sterling silver or thick gold
vermeil plating over sterling silver, so there are no cheap brass-like substitutes here.

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