Colour is your superpower

  • Where colour meets meaningful. Each piece of Lezzeri jewellery is infused with positive messages from nature and the celestial beings to help you through your days. Inspired by Fran's Italian heritage and her ongoing journey for better wellbeing, you will find little pieces of sunshine that will brighten up your days.

    We believe that colour can effect our energies and wearing a piece of coloured jewellery is a small way that we can take back control.

Elegant demi-fine jewellery handmade in Lincolnshire, England.

Hello, I'm Fran, the founder of Lezzeri

Creative to the core, since my early teenage years I have used art as a coping mechanism due to it's healing abilities. Being an introvert, this has always helped me to express myself! I worked for a successful homewares brand for 10+ years and am self taught in graphic design, illustration, print, and photography. Building this brand has allowed me to use my full skillset and learn new ones (web design!). I am excited to continue the journey with you.

Out of a particularly difficult year that was 2021, came my passion for jewellery making. In my search to busy my mind from negative thoughts, I found a half day ring making workshop run by a family business, and I immediately fell in love. In love with the idea of passing down a legacy, and obsessed with what you can create with your own hands and a bit of imagination!

The name Lezzeri is inspired by my Nonna's (grandmother's) family name. There is an Italian culture in my family and so Murano glass beads really called to me.

It's my goal to create tasteful, modern jewellery with Murano beads and change how people view this style of jewellery, which is usually eccentric, loud and bulky.

I believe that you make your own reality if you have drive and passion and I hope my story will inspire others to pursue their dreams.

I am an advocate for sharing knowledge, wisdom and the little nuggets we find on our journey through life! You will find some interesting self care on our website.

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