Our Murano (otherwise known as Venetian) glass beads are handmade in Italy by artisans. This special style of glass making has historically been called lampwork and is among the oldest of arts, dating back over 3000 years.

This skilled technique originated in Murano, Italy, which is an island a few minutes from Venice.

Each bead is completely hand crafted, it's a fiddly and labour-intensive work which takes time and true skill and craftsmanship to curate.

In these beautiful beads, you will find an array of colours and patterns which we are absolutely obsessed with! The glass often encases a thin layer of gold and silver leaf giving them an incredible lustre.

Our beads have as much character as you do, be careful, you might find yourself needing more than one style!

Hand crafted beads made by artisans

Unique and Modern Murano Glass Jewellery